Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentine's Treat Box

Now who doesn't love chocolate??? hmmm I am sure I am not going to get too many saying "Me"!!!
I know for sure I love to get chocolate and during valentines, I love receiving chocolate but I always find I don't get enough! I know! I really loooove chocolate! LoL!!!
I created this particular box with the intention of being able to fit a full size chocolate bar in there so that those friends that share my view will get the experience of being completely fulfilled with the amount of chocolate ratio they receive ;).
I created this box using the amazing Karlas001 products as well as a K&Company valentine's paper line I picked up at my local Michael's store.
Below you will find the pictures of my treat boxes as well as the links to all the particular products I used to create the box.
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  1. I really love this box - Gonna have to try and figure out how to make one ... happy crafting! Aloha, Linda