Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Girls layout with Sherry

Hey ladies and gents, Sherry here with more crafty goodness! I am so incredibly in LOVE with Limor Webber Designs spray sets from Lindy's Stamp Gang! Since I couldn't seem to pick just one I picked a couple Limor Webber Designs sprays and away I went! So go dig out your favs, grab some wash tape and lets get crafting!

Step 1
I started by making light pencil lines around where I wanted my photo. Once photo placment was established, I started layering three different neutral colored wash tapes, keeping some pieces whole and some pieces ripped in different lengths. I kept layering till it looked perfect.  To avoid wasted tape, I avoided the area marked for the photo. This is why I like to mark photo placement on layouts.
Step 2
To mute the wash tape a bit i applied a light layer of gesso over top using my finger to smudge it over the tape. This will also help the sprays to stick better!

Starting with the lightest spray color, I sprayed a few small puddles and tilted the page to create some sideways drips. Next up was a bit of splatter of a darker spray. After unscrewing the top, I tapped the straw part of the nozzle to create splatters.
Step 3
Using Prima's grungy grip stencil, I applied whipped spackle onto the layout around where the photo would be and also in a few of the white spaces on the page. All to dry and add a few splatters of the same color from the last step.

Step 4

MT FAVORITE PART!!! I misted the paper down with water concentrating a bit more in the left side of the layout where I wanted a bit more color concentration. After unscrewing the tops or the three colors I used (bonjour butter, popping pink and orange creamcicle) I dragged the "straw" of the color over the area I wanted to color. As I applied layers of color, I would also tilt the page to create layers of drips.  I kept doing this and layering till I was happy with the intensity of the colors, this took a couple of layers.

Step 5

Final touches! Using some coiled up thread and foam adhesive, I adhered the photo into place. Then using varying sizes and shaped of white/cream flowers, I layered a floral arrangement around the photo focal point.

Once enough flowers were in place, I dry brushed them all with gesso. At the same time on my craft mat I dry brushed my letters with white gesso as well! After all the gesso was dry, I adhered the letters to the bottom right corner of the layout. (I wanted the letter to be super subtle!)

Using a fluffy brush, I picked up a bit of Magical dust and tapped it onto a few flowers. Then I repeated this with the other color I picked. (I used popping pink and luminous lemon) Once all the flowers were dusted with Magicals dust, I lightly sprayed them with water to activate the colors! Allow this to dry without a heat gun, this will prevent the colors from mixing!

And check out a few close ups of this delicious layout! Check out those drips... and those colors.... SWOON!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my layout and tutorial! For more tutorials and inspiration from me make sure to hear over to my blog, Facebook page and instagram!  For more form the amazing Design Team pop into the DT blog! ALSO, while you're checking out the website, make sure to have a little retail therapy, we all need it:)

Supplies from Limor Webber Designs:

Other Supplies:
  • Prima Marketing Inc. Watercolor paper (#847753)
  • Prima Marketing Inc. Botanical mix flowers (#529567)
  • Prima Marketing Ink Got flowers? (#506575)
  • Heidi Swapp: Alphabets (#HS01095)
  • Other: Assorted Washi Tape (neutral colors)

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wonder Layout by Sherry


Hey ladies and gents! Sherry here, after taking a brief hiatus while I was getting married. I am back at it creating beautiful things:). While off and settling into all the new things life held, I filled my journal with amazing ideas of projects for when I got time in my creative space. Today I bring you the first of these ideas:).

I, along with half of the world am in love with Instagram and adding filters to pictures! I especially love that I can add a filter, that helps to match the mood and feel for my layouts! The picture I chose for this layout, I wanted to make it a little over exposed.  I added the photo to Instagram and BOOM now the photo is perfect!

I love how with some mediums, stencils and stamps a beautiful thing can be made. Grab a cup of something hot (its getting chilly here in Canada), pull out your fav supplies, and lets create together:) For full supply list scroll to the bottom of this post!


I wanted to apply texture where my phone will be, so I applied whipped spackle through a grid stencil with an old hotel room key! I made sure the stencilling would stick out from the photo and a small amount in the opposite corner of the page.

SIDE NOTE:  I found I tend to not clean my spatulas and palette knives well enough so they get gunky and hard to spread mediums with, so I started keeping old credit cards, used gift cards and hotel room keys for this! Cheap and easy to throw away.

Allow to dry. That's the beauty of whipped spackle, it dries quite quickly!


I picked up these stunning peonies stamps from the Limor Webber Designs store and am in love with them! Tip:make sure to select a permanent ink pad so the ink won't run when you spray over top of the stamped image. Since I wanted to image to be on top of the texture paste, when I stamped the image I didn't use a stamp block. This was important because then I could use my fingers to push the image into the crevasses of the stenciled design. I like to heat set the images so they are set in place. Be sure to keep your heat gun moving when going over the whipped spackle, or it will bubble and blister. I stamped two images behind where the photo will be and one in the bottom corner to balance out the page!

I pulled out the amazing new Lindy's Stamp Gang, Limor Webber Designs 'neon graffiti' sprays, I picked Urban Amethyst and Sidewalk Chalk. I starting by sparingly spraying the amethyst where the centres of the flowers would be. By keeping the nozzle apron 6" away from the page, it allowed for some over spray/texture! Before the amethyst has time to dry, I sprayed the Sidewalk Chalk spray in a sweeping motion moving in towards the centres of the flowers. This also allows for the amethyst to drag out a little bit! Allow your misting sprays to dry.


I placed my photo where it would eventually live to give me a visual of where the next stencilling would be. I applied super white gesso through an arrows stencil so they would peek out from behind and around the focal points. Allow to dry.  The Gesso picks up the color from the sprays below, offering a neat effect.


Before adding the next layer to the layout, I pulled out Limor's fab 'Ink Splats' stamp set from IndigoBlu to create  texture at the corners and along the edges to frame my photo!

To add one more layer of awesome, I stamped the same peony image onto clear transparency paper in different shades of purple ink. I prefer stazon for this. once it is set the ink won't smudge.  If you would like to heat set, you can but be very careful so that the transparency doesn't warp. After fussy cutting out a few of the peonies, I used clear pop dots to add dimension behind the photo focal area, and to the opposing bottom corner. 

I applied whipped spackle to the edged of 'wonder' definition and word, allow to dry without heat. Adhere to the bottom corner.

I used pop dots to adhere my photo on top of the transparencies in the top focal area. 

To tie it all together,  and add just a little bit more beautiful splatters, I pulled out the stunning Blazing Black spray to add splatters to the page. Make sure to cover anything you don't want to splatter. I keep a scrap paper bin for these kinds of things.

Here are a few close ups to check out the the fine details of this layout!

Thank you so much for popping in and checking out my latest layout. I am so in love with the richness of the new sets of colors Limor Webber Designs has been releasing with Lindy's Stamp Gang! So make sure you peruse the DT blog for more inspiration using the ever amazing new and favourite products! For more from me, make sure to hop over my blog and Facebook for more tutorials and product uses. 

In case you were on the edge of whether to buy the new Limor Webber Designs sets, your husband called, he said buy them all! On him ;)


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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Neon Graffiti Love You Card by Tonya Gibbs

Well hello again, my crafty friends.  Are you ready to get INKY?   I just got the new Lindy's Stamp Gang Limor Webber Designs Neon Graffiti in the mail last weekend. Let me tell you - IT IS SO VIBRANT and fun!  I don't think I'll ever get the pink and purple out of my nails (LOL)!
I had a few nieces turn 10 this week. I thought this would be a great opportunity to play around with these fabulous new colors and create something with an edgy pop culture feel!
These fantastic colors come in Flat Fabio (No shimmer) Sprays, Color Shots, Magicals and Embossing Powders.  In this set you will get your poppy/edgy warm colors with a true white and true black!   HOW EXCITIG.   When I say vibrant I MEAN IT! Intense pigment colors here - that's for sure!  

Of course my mind went immediately to Limor's Splattered Heart stamp from IndigoBlu.  It makes the perfect Graffiti graphic for my card design.   I used a Versa ink pad to stamp the image onto my watercolor paper, then used Lindy's Midnight Pewter embossing powder to create a resist.  I used this embossing powder instead of the one in the set, because I wanted it to have a little shimmer.   The one in the set is Flat. 
In the video I  also shared my hand drawn Graffiti type.  If you are unsure about drawing these, you could always  cut block letters from a die cutting machine and layer them. I created this card as an A2 top folding card.  Here are the measurements for each panel.
watercolor paper - Cut to  3 3/4 inches x 5 inches (this is the panel with the art)
hot pink cardstock frame  - Cut to 4 inches x 5 1/4 inches
black cardstock -   4 1/4 inch x 11 inches  scored at 5 1/2 inches
This card is so FUN!  Next week I will share with you a project using the Magicals from this collection.
Thanks for stopping in today,

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Father's World Mixed Media Tag Tutorial by Tonya Gibbs


Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great week, looking forward to the weekend.  Autumn is in full swing here, so I wanted to create a mixed media tag tutorial to help kick start my brain into thinking about cooler days and forget these past few "Dog Days of Summer".

I found a hymnal page in my scraps that had the title "This is My Father's World"  and part of the song said "nature sings" & "morning light" so I used this as inspiration for my tag.  

I had used this hymnal page in another project so pieces of it were missing.  I was careful to reserve back the pieces that I wanted to focus on and used the rest of the scraps to line the base of the tag.   To give my cut outs more stability I backed them on scraps of watercolor paper.

When I think of nature singing at Morning light I always  think of birds.   So I knew I wanted to incorporate a bird.  I used the Prima Shabby Chic Resin birds.   I have a window in my bedroom, and a little bird is ALWAYS in the window singing.   So I thought about using another Prima Resin piece in the shape of a window.  Since both were really too bright white,  I decided to paint them with my Lindy's Stamp Gang.   You can see in the video below how I did this.

I also wanted to keep with the texture and colors of fall.   So I used the Burlap stencil from Tim Holtz, and some white Crackle Texture Paste from Prima, along with Gelatos® in fall colors of Yellow, Orange and Red to create the background.  A little Lindy's Ponderosa Pine Olive Magicals was added to finish off the crackled and rich tones of fall.  To add a bit of sparkle, I used some Mica Flakes from Prima. They offered just the right touch of reflective light to my base.

I decided to build my floral spray like a bird's nest.  I kept the flowers somewhat neutral (like the twigs in a nest) by spraying them with the Lindy's in several different colors.  To give them a pop of orange I finished them off with a little of the Copper Magicals found in the Lindy's Autumn collection.

Here is a video tutorial showing how I completed the tag from start to finish.

I love how vibrant this tag is and it really sparkles!  Fall is my favorite time of year. Everything is so rich with pops of color and texture.   

Thanks for stopping in today,

Tonya Gibbs

Other Supplies:
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Monday, August 31, 2015

Journal Layout with Izink inks

Hi everyone, it's Vicky here today and I am sharing another page of my mixed media journal.

I have been sharing here many of my pages from this mixed media journal and I am using different mediums and techniques in each page while keeping the same flower theme through out the book. For my layout today, I am using IZINK inks as the coloring medium.

IZINK inks are really fun to use since you can dilute them with water and you can get a watercolored look while at the same time it is permanent!

You can mix the inks and get a smooth blend, like I did on the background, or use them without blending for a watercolor look, just like I did on the flowers and leaves.

To finish off the layout I just had to do some embossing with "Bonjour Butter" embossing powder and also use my favorite border stamp from the "Rugged edges" set to frame my layout.

You can enjoy the video below


Thank you all for visiting!
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