Monday, August 31, 2015

Journal Layout with Izink inks

Hi everyone, it's Vicky here today and I am sharing another page of my mixed media journal.

I have been sharing here many of my pages from this mixed media journal and I am using different mediums and techniques in each page while keeping the same flower theme through out the book. For my layout today, I am using IZINK inks as the coloring medium.

IZINK inks are really fun to use since you can dilute them with water and you can get a watercolored look while at the same time it is permanent!

You can mix the inks and get a smooth blend, like I did on the background, or use them without blending for a watercolor look, just like I did on the flowers and leaves.

To finish off the layout I just had to do some embossing with "Bonjour Butter" embossing powder and also use my favorite border stamp from the "Rugged edges" set to frame my layout.

You can enjoy the video below


Thank you all for visiting!
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Freedom Mixed Media Layout by Sherry Bienert

Hey all my crafty friends, Sherry here with a splatter filled layout that I had a lot of fun making! Sometimes we forget that some of our products and tools have more then one use. All we have to do is think outside of the box, and BOOM our 'stuff' is more useful then before!

Today I decided to pull out a few fav spray colors, but didn't want to use them in the conventional way and just spray. I also wanted to use embellishments that were already on my table to create this layout! This is my favorite way to "clean.  I HATE to put things away, so instead I use them on upcoming projects!

I hope you follow along. I challenge you to pull out a few sprays and grab whatever embellies you have in your reach and create with me! (Full supply list below)

Step ONE

I selected a soft neutral background, this is important so that my color sprays will stand out. Then I pulled out my variety of sprays and unscrewed all of the tops. I lightly spritzed the page with water to damped the page. HINT: If you dont pre-moisten the page the spray will instantly soak onto the fibres of the paper and not work as well for this technique.

I pre-determine where my where my focal point would be, so that I can focus on this year.  Then, I dipped the 'straw' of one of the tops into its spray bottle and tapped the liquid onto the sections of the page where I wanted color. I repeated this step with each color until I felt there was enough on the page. Then I picked up water with a dropper, and tapped the end of the dropper, to create a bit of water splatters. Allow this to dry completely.

Step TWO

Next up are the AMAZING and NEW large industrial stamp set form Indigoblu and designed by Limor Webber Designs. Once I knew where my photo would be I 'hung' lamps and chains so they would peek out and show around the edges of the photo area. I did some in black ink and some in IndigoBlu Mega Flake metallics kit. This starter kit is one of the most amazing little gems in my stash right now. If you don't have one or haven't heard of it, you NEED to check it out! You're welcome!  It makes adding foil to your projects a cinch! Look at all this great foil!


Since I know where the location of my photo and embellishments are going to be situated, I spread glass beads along a few of the edges and on some of the corners. Once it was dry I used my finger to press clear gesso onto the clear beads. This will create a great base for my Magicals to stick to. Allow gesso to dry. 

I pulled out a couple magicals that match (or closely match) the splatter colors, and sprinkled them one at a time onto the clear beads and sprayed them with water. I kept layering these colors till they were just right!

Then with a bit of liquid glue I adhered some bundles of thread!


I splattered a few tags with the same colors as the background and along with a few other embellies I had kicking around on my workspace I created a layered stack of deliciousness! I like to use pop dots when I create these layers and they will make things more dimensional and stand out.

Using the same Mega Flakes metallic kit I applied the word 'Freedom' to the bottom left corner.


I found that the word I put in the corner of the layout didn't stand out well enough so I used sticker letters and repeated the same word, overlapping the slightly. Pop the layout into a frame and Ta-Da, it's ready to be displayed!

Now for a few close ups to check out the details a bit better!

 Thank you so much for stopping in and I hope you enjoyed my slice of heaven.  Creating should make you feel happy, it should make you feel like you're leaving a little piece of you on the project. It doesn't matter how you create or what you create, what's important is that you create. And don't forget to shop, I promise it's ok!


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Friday, August 7, 2015

Journal page with Gelatos® by Vicky

Hi crafty friends! Vicky here and today I am sharing another page of my mixed media journal.

I have already shared the other two pages here and here of my mixed media journal, and they are all flower themed. So here is another page with lovely flowers today.

For this page I have used exclusively Gelatos® by Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® as a coloring medium, both for the background and the flowers. You can easily replicate this page by using any flower stamp you have in your stash.

I just love how easy Gelatos® are to blend and you can make colorful and striking backgrounds effortless and within minutes. There are many techniques to blend them, with your fingers (best of all), with a baby wipe (for a paler look), by spraying water over them, with a brush... the possibilities are endless.  I do demonstrate most of them in the video below.

To color the flowers and the leaves I did some cheating ;) Instead of coloring/blending directly on the page I stamped them on another piece of paper and then colored and cut them out with my scissors. Then, all I had to do was a little bit of paper piecing. A technique that adds dimension on your page while keeping everything clean at the same time.

To finish off my page I did a little stencil with my favorite Whipped Spackle by Faber - Castell. I love this product because it adds dimension and brightness and it is so thick that you can never have any accidents through stencils. Works perfect every time and you can even color it with gelatos. I can not recommend this product enough!

You can enjoy the video below where I am going to walk you through all the steps of creating this page.


Click images below for more info on the products I used

Thank you all for joining me today. Have a great day.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Crazy Art Jounal Flamingo in love... with video today!


Thank you very much for your comments on the last post, and thank you for following this wonderful blog.

Today I am bringing you another art journal page with lots of texture. This time a little bit funny for you, because I have a video and you could laugh at me!!! (but a little bit).

First of all, I'm going to show you some pictures with the details that I think could be useful.


I didn't put the grass perfectly with the mask, so I used a pencil and marked details in the stalk and leaves.

To integrate the printed flamingo into the background, I used my finger to apply paint and gesso to get a gradated blue teal colour, and hide the edges of the printed paper.

You can easily stick the wire heart to the background with 3D Gel Medium.   Here it looks milky but it will dry clear.

To paint the heart, open the color bloom bottle and put the color in the center of the heart. Then mix it  with 3D gel medium mate to create a different effect.

I like doodles with pencils. Maybe it seems more messy, but I love it! It's so shabby and real.  Here is a detail picture of the texture.

And here are the videos:

English version:

Spanish version:

I hope you like it! Thanks for watching!

Product that I used:
Prima Heavy Gesso
Golden Regular Gel (Matt)
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Gelatos®
Faber-Castel Design Memory Craft® Pencils
Prima - Chevron Stencil
Flamingo print

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