Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exciting News!

It is no surprise I have been using Faber Castell Design Memory Craft products for a long while now and have become a staple in my creation and classes.
I am beyond excited to announce I am now part of the amazing Faber Castell Design Memory Craft design team family!

I have many classes and tours planned for the next year including two classes at this upcoming CHA Winter show in Anaheim.  In fact we have added additional spots to each class to accommodate the demand so her is the link to sign up if you are coming to CHA.

Here is the two time slots available

Friday January 10th 6-8pm

Monday January 13th 8-10AM

Check out the Faber Castell Design Memory Craft blog for the official announcement 

I would love to also take a quick opportunity to say thank you to all of you that have continuously supported me through this incredible journey the last few years!!! THANK YOU!!! I APPRECIATE YOU!!!
Much love,

Limor Webber
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

LSG and 7 Dots Studio Creative Hop


Welcome to LSG & 7 Dots Studio Creative hop!  

We are so excited to have to amazing companies team up for a full day of creativity.  This hop will surely get your creative juices flowing so head on over to all these incredibly talented crafters to check out how they've combined the beautiful lines by 7 Dots Studio with Lindy's Stamp Gang products, it's a match made in color heaven!

We have a little surprise for you! 
We would love for you to show some love to all our crafters and leave them a little message. You will have the opportunity to win a fabulous prize by both 7 Dots Studio and Lindy's Stamp Gang so please let us know that you have done so by coming back to 7 Dots Studio and Lindy's Stamp Gang blog at the end of the hop.

For now here is the layout I created using the beautiful Messy Head paper collection by 7 Dots Studio and Industrial Chic set by Lindy's Stamp Gang.
For full product list check the bottom of the post.

Here is a full list if you get lost along the way but Helen is next on the list! so head on over to check out her amazing project! 

Remember You have until Midnight tonight PST to comment! 

Have Fun!
  1. Mary -
  2. Tusia -
  3. Lizzy -
  4. Erin
  5. Limor -  <----------You are here
  6. Helen -
  8. Nolwenn -
  9. Irina
  10. Cindy -
  11. Sandi
  12. Lynne - 
  13. Kate -
  14. Ivett -
  15. Sharon -
Lindy's Stamp Gang Blog


7 Dots Studio - Messy Head Collection
Lindy's Stamp Gang - Pink Ladies Pink Flat Fabio
Lindy's Stamp Gang - Kissin' Kenickie Coral Flat Fabio
Lindy's Stamp Gang - Shabby Turbine Teal - Industrial Chic Set
Lindy's Stamp Gang - Frozen Jack Frost - Winter Wonderland Set
Prima Flower - 564452
Prima Giselle Haze 566388
Prima Soprano F 561666
Prima Tasha Teal 556921
Prima E Line Flowers White 300388
Unity Stamp Company - Layers of Life November and December Kit

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Grab a cup of coffee and get ready for a nice long post....

It all started with me completely loosing it when I had to say good bye to hubby and the girls at the airport.... yup I went in to the ugly cry.  I cried for an entire hour after they left me but half of it was from complete excitement and realization that I am so blessed to do what I love.
The 15 hour flight was actually quite awesome as I slept for most of it and for the rest of it I created in my art journal which was surreal to do for that long of time without any interruptions except for would you like a glass of wine LoL!! This is me waiting to get off the plane while it was getting fumigated!!!! yup we stay on the plane while they do that.

Shortly after my arrival I got to meet up with the beautiful Nadia Cannizzo! and we caught up with each other's lives for hours!!!! it was as if we had known each other for years and years!!!  the highlight was meeting her amazing family and watching what a beautiful mom she is to her children.  

The next morning I was off to Melbourne where I met up with another crafty friend Kerry Fellowes and we drove around the city and of course hit a scrapbook store because I can't travel anywhere without at least hitting a scrapbook store LoL!!!

My future home ;)

I love these houses!

This is the name of an art Gallery LoL!!!!

After a full day of driving around and touring I headed of to Echuca which is is a few hours from Melbourne and it's the most beautiful town!! 
Karen has one of the most incredible stores "HobbySew" I have been in!!! I was completely wowed when I walked through the door and yes she carries Prima, Lindy's Stamp Gang and Design Memory Craft products!!!
We ran some awesome classes and so many photos were taken it would take 5 pages LoL!!! so here's a few of the weekend including Karen's incredible property where I had the privilege to stay at for the weekend.

Prima girl!!! flower on her head, craft tools and a resin on her chest LoL!!!

you don't leave my classes with clean hands

I was so excited that Helen Strawford took me to a little zoo where I got so see Kangaroos and Koalas which has been my #1 wish while in Australia!

My adventure continued when we were heading to the Airport for my flight to Gladstone.... Tune in tomorrow for a Part 2 of Prima's World Tour in Australia.

Limor Webber

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A special day

Today is a special day in my life as it is the birthday of my little Ava.
Every time on her birthday I get emotional thinking of the roller coaster that came with her birth.
For this month's challenge in my Mixed Media group I encouraged you to "be Brave", tell a story you have been holding in, try something new, anything that would have you go out of your comfort zone.  This story seemed natural to tell as many of you have no idea and I know so many of you will be able to relate.  Here is my story about Being Brave.

After the wonderful experience that came along with Hannah's birth I welcomed the thought of a second child.  As mothers, we all have this thought of the amazing birth story that is going to occur to us, I call it the "White picket fence family".  Let's just say that's not what happened on that day........

Ava was born early and barely 4lbs, she was taken without me even being able to hold her for the first time as they realized something was wrong.  They say"everything looks great but we've noticed she does not have a bum hole.......What?!! my brain couldn't process what they were saying, I'm thinking can't you just take a pin and poke a hole? ( when you are on drugs the weirdest thoughts go through your head, don't judge LoL!)

I yell at Curtis "Go with her!!! don't leave her sight!!!!" as she is taken to NICU to assess what is wrong.  I am instantly filled with fear, regret, anger, panic and sadness.  I say to my mom "call my mother in law and get Hannah here right now, I need my girl by my side"

After what seemed like hours I was taken to see my baby girl in the NICU.  She was covered in tubes and was smaller than any baby I had seen before.  They took her out and placed her in my arms, I remember feeling the most empty feeling a mother could possibly feel after giving birth to a child.

I better not get too attached my brain kept telling me, what if she doesn't make it......They fairly quickly placed her back in the incubator and took me back to my room to rest.  My doctor came in with tears in his eyes to tell me they were going to have to air lift her to the children's hospital for further assessment but I could not go with her as I had complications with the birth and I needed to be hooked up to an IV for at least 24 hrs.

The medics roll this giant stretcher with machines and a tiny incubator where my little baby lays there sleeping, they tell me "we thought you might want to say good bye to her before we take her".... I remember almost yelling at them to please take this giant thing out of my room..... I didn't even look at her long enough to say good bye, I just couldn't.

The next morning I was released early so I can go see her at the children's hospital.  When I arrive I am overwhelmed by the machines and little people in this place.  Ava was assigned a nurse that had instantly fallen in love with her and was giving her the love I couldn't bring myself to give at that moment, I will always be thankful to her.
That day was filled with tests and we were called to the side by her assigned doctor.  She said I think you should sit down, I didn't out of complete defiance as if what she was going to tell me was going to be not as bad if I remain standing ( the insane thoughts that we go through during tough times)
Your daughter has a condition called VACTERL <-----( you can read more about this condition by clicking the link.

She continues to say "but she's very lucky that she does not have T&E as usually these kids do not have a good life expectancy" me sarcastically thinking "oh goodie!!! what wonderful news! can I punch you in the face!!" ( that was my angry faze LoL) .  She starts explaining what each of these things mean and how it relates to Ava and my knees give out and I stumble in to my husband's side, he holds me tight and I space out as if I've gone in to a bubble and all I can hear is the teacher from Charley Brown.

Ava undergoes surgery that evening to put in a Colostomy and we spend another month in the NICU until she regains weight and starts to eat on her own.  Ava goes through countless surgeries until she is the age of 1 where we had reconstructive surgery of her bowels and she gets a brand new bum hole ( don't take your bum hole for granted LoL!!!!)
Ava is now 6 and has gone through surgery almost every 4 months of her life so she's had approximately 20-25 surgeries to date for one reason or another.

So how does this make me brave you ask? well here is where my amazing Ava comes in.  After every single surgery Ava's recovery time and attitude was something her surgeons and doctors could not believe.  I remember her first back surgery to fix her curve in her spine, the very next day at 6 AM she propped herself up with no help and said "WALK".  I took her for a walk and when we came back physio came to see us and said "how is she walking?".... The next surgery was just like the last, after the anesthetic wore off Ava was ripping up and down the hallways of the hospital as if she was given energy juice instead of back surgery.  Her attitude was "I love surgery", I asked her "how come?" because they give me Jello and I get to watch Dora in bed.  Ava continues to see the beauty in a situation that is less than perfect and reminds me daily that life will throw you challenges but you need to see the beauty in those challenges.
Ava will undergo back surgery every 4-6 months until the age of 13 when she stops growing.  I don't know anyone more brave than my little girl, she embraces life for what it is and doesn't allow the challenges to bring her down.  I don't have to go through anything as traumatic as my child does and I sometimes get caught up in fear of doing something that I'm not comfortable doing.  She is my reminder that I can simply do anything and being brave does not mean you can't be fearful, it simply means you do it anyway in the face of fear.  I am so proud to be her mom as I would not be where I am had this amazing little gift not been given to me.
Your birth has been a gift I don't ever want to take for granted, I am so proud to be your mom.

your mom

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dandelion Art Journal Ustream Class

We had another fabulous tuesday night which I am continuously grateful for every day!, you guys are so supportive and loyal that I just feel so blessed.
I feel like I've been in go, go mode for a while so it was nice to sit with you all last night and simply create in my art journal.

Sometimes when I feel stuck I like to find a color palette or a photo... really anything that will get me inspired and have my creating juices flowing.  I took Lindy's Stamp Gang Color Challenge that is going on for the month of October and decided to use some colors from the challenge.
If you have not seen the challenge this month be sure to head on over and take a look, there's some fabulous prizes for our winners!

I ended up having a little extra time during the show so I created a second page completely different than the first. 
Take a look

Page #2

For those of you that missed the show, here is the full recording

Here is the list of some of the products I used:

Faber Castell Design Memory Craft - Black Gelato
Deco Art - Americana Acrylic paint - Avocado Dip
Deco Art - Americana Acrylic paint - Warm White
Caran D'Ache Neocolor ll Watersoluble pastels

Thanks for stopping by!

Limor Webber

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Friday, September 27, 2013

A piece of me


I guess in order for one to realize something isn't quite right, we need a little wake up call.
I had one of those wake up calls this week.... after what I thought was the flu because I was tired, nausea hit, bones aching then finally a fainting spell that made me realize it's time to see the doctor.
I get to the doctor and she asks me

Dr - " Are you doing too much?"
Me - "ummm no"
Dr - " One raised eye brown and a look that could kill"
Me -  I chuckle and responds no Dr I'm sitting around drinking coffee and watching Oprah all day"
Dr. - Limor - Oprah has been off the air for a while - I'm on to you!
Me - alright I've got many wonderful things happening but I can't seem to enjoy them because I'm so busy
Dr - Have you thought about asking people for help?
Me -hmmm that would be a good solution eh?
Dr - I'm no expert but I've heard it works  - Are you Sleeping well?
( I adore her sarcasm!)
Me - I can't seem to get a restful sleep at night so I wake up every hour or I don't end up falling asleep until 4 am.. and then I'm so tired my stomach is upset so I'm not eating....
Dr - hmmm I wonder why you are feeling this way.... no sleep, not eating well.... Mystery really..


SLEEP!!!!, EAT!!!

Seems simple doesn't it... why is it that as moms we feel we need to do everything for everyone!! It's like we hired ourselves to solve everyone's problems with no pay!.... but the one person we forget to help and take care of is ourselves.

I have many wonderful things going on in my life and opportunities coming my way I never dreamed of.  Almost to a fault I have a big heart.... tears stream down my face as I write this because it truly makes me happy to see others fulfill their dreams in life or even just help someone have a glimmer of hope when they didn't think there was hope...I have a burning feeling in my gut to make a difference for people.
One small problem,  I can't actually do it alone... I have a vision I just forgot to share it with others around me so that I can create a team that would help actualize my vision and make it available for others to realize their vision and dreams..... that's how a real difference is made.

Hannah's teacher called me this week and said Hannah was going to receive an award on Friday and it's a surprise.  At the time of the call what went through my head is "How do I squeeze that in to my schedule".... all that went through my head is " I have so much to do, I have a trip to get ready for, how long is this thing going to go for, maybe I can watch her get the award and sneak out early"
I love my girls, and I am so proud of them but in that moment I was not present to anything except myself and what I needed to get done.
The rock that hit me square between the eyes is when we were standing in the gymnasium and all the kids started to walk in... Hannah saw me standing there and her face lit up like a Christmas tree!  Tears instantly rolled down my face realizing I've been given these amazing gifts called "Children" and I was taking moments like these for granted.  The ugly cry started once all the children stood up and started singing "Oh Canada", Ava standing beside me with her hands on her side and singing along with all the other children.  The sound of children singing was the most beautiful sound... I stood there being so present to the smiles, the energy, the unity that was going on in that moment and I realized I have had hundreds of these opportunities to experience beauty like this but I have not been present to them.
My initial thought was that's it! after this Australia tour I will quit teaching and just stay home with my girls.... then sanity came back and I realized that I could continue to fulfill my dreams I just needed to ask for help ( I give credit to my doctor for bringing that up).
You know the saying " it takes a Village to raise a child"..... I kind of forgot about my's like I've been living in a secluded island and no one was invited.

It's time to share my vision, to create a team of people around me that can share this exciting with me, to allow contribution from others in to my life.
I chose to share this because as part of my vision to help others is to share myself freely so others are free to share themselves with others around them.  We live in a society that does not make it easy to share due to judgements and assessments from others.  As women we need to be there to support each other, create an environment for our children to grow up experiencing full self expression, love and compassion for others..

I truly hope this post made a difference for some of you.... I would love to hear your story.

Much love,

Limor Webber

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I have been dying to be able to create this blog post for weeks!!!
I am over the moon to be able to announce one of the large events that I will be teaching at while I'm in Australia!!



mixed media art Journal


 Mixed Media Layout


*** Surprise Bonus Project included in the class


Hobbysew Echuca
98 Annesley St
Echuca Victoria 3564
Ph 03 54826276


Alicia Redshaw
Scrapbook Fantasies
Shop 1/111 Toolooa Street
Gladstone  Qld  4680
Phone: (07) 4972 2117
Fax: (07) 4972 2137


Discover Create Learn In Conjunction with Scrap with Friends presents:
"Limor Webber" on Sunday November 24th, 2013
Registration is now open!!!!
***Get your spots quickly! we are expecting a sell out event!****

Hubertus Country Club
205 Adams Road
Luddenham NSW


A Craft Affair on Anne
2/44 Anne St Aitkenvale 
Townsville, Queensland 4814
Phone: 61 7 4728 2044

Join me through the week for all the different locations that will be hosting my classes in Australia.

I cannot wait to meet so many of you!!!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013


We have had an overwhelming response to the Industrial Chic Set at Lindy's Stamp Gang and so I know I speak on behalf of Tracey and the rest of the Lindy's gang when I say a big fat "THANK YOU"  Your continued support and love for the products is what keeps it going!
Using a winner was chosen for the second set of Industrial Chic and the Winner is......


"I'm new to the whole art journaling thing and would love to try out your new sprays. I love watching your videos and get so many ideas from you. Thanks for all you do"

Congratulations Shari!!!
Please send me your information so we can have this set mailed to you you.

It was fabulous to see everyone's comments regarding the new Industrial Chic set and that you love it as much as I do!
Don't forget to tune in to Ustream this Tuesday for a Flying Unicorn Sponsored show!
Have a happy Sunday Everyone!

Limor Webber

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013



What an incredibly amazing turnout last night on my Ustream show!!! Wow!! I'm still overwhelmed by the incredible support you all showed for this new set!
As I had promised on the show I am giving away a second set since we do have a large base of International viewers that fall on completely different time zones and some that just could not come to the show.
Watch the recording here and then comment below to let me know what you love about the set and what are some projects you think you could see yourself making with this set.
At Lindy's Stamp Gang we are always thinking about what the customers would want so we h ave put several options together for you when it comes to purchasing this set, check it out!

Watch the Recording here!

Thank you all for your support!!
Much love

Limor Webber

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mad Hatter Blog Hop

It's a very exciting time over at Lindy's Stamp Gang!
We have 5 new amazing designers joining our fabulous team so in honour of their new adventure with us we are doing a blog hop! What better way to show off our new designers than to use our brand new Mad Hatter set!

The hop starts today September 5th and runs through September 9th, 2013.
Up for grabs are THREE!!!! Gift certificates EACH FOR $50USD!!!!
So hop along visit all the designers and leave a comment to be entered for the chance to win!

Before you head on over to another blog here is the layout I created using the fabulous new Mad Hatter set and the matching embossing powders.

I used the beautiful Anna Marie Collection by Prima and some Twiddleybitz chipboard to create this layout.

Next up is-----> Nolwenn
But if you get lost along the way here is the full line up!

Limor: <---- YOU ARE HERE

Thanks for stopping by!!

Limor Webber

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Monday, September 2, 2013


Can you all believe September is here!!!
I was extremely excited to see the incredible amount of entries we had for the August challenge!
I want to thank Our amazing sponsor Beacon Adhesives gave the winner a huge basket filled with all sorts of adhesives, visa gift card, yummy treats and more! THANK YOU BEACON!!!
If you missed it in the group our amazing winner Ashley Norlie created a stunning art journal page based on this month's color challenge.

Congrats Ashley!! and thank you to all that entered the contest this month! it was amazing to see your creations and how different everyone's style is!

I always stress out when it comes to these challenges to try and come up with something that will inspire you and get your mojo flowing.
I find that when I have something to guide me like a color or a sketch I tend to feel less stressed and my creativity starts to flow!
Having said that this month I will be featuring two of my favorite Sketch/Challenge websites that I go to when I need to get inspiration flowing.
Once Upon a Sketch and Scrap Around the World are two I will be creating from this month so here are the September contest rules.
I want you to try something new this month, wether it's a new technique you've always wanted to try, a new art medium, doing a layout instead of an art journal.... something you have not done before and share with us what it is.
  • Create a mixed media layout/Art Journal page/Canvas based on the sketch from either of the two websites mentioned above
  • Post your photos in our contest photo album in the Limor Mixed Media group.
  • This month I want to see some Journaling in whatever your project is.
Contest ends Sept 30th midnight MST

You are probably wondering who our sponsor is this month!!! 
I am over the moon with excitement because 7 Dots Studio is our fabulous sponsor this month!!!
Our contest winner will win a very generous package from 7 Dots Studio!! if you have not seen their collections you must head on over to their site and take a look! click on the logo above to take you there.

Thank you all for stopping by! I can't wait to see what you all create this month!

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lindy's Stamp Gang September Color Challenge

Hello Crafty friends!

It's crazy to think September is already here! but what's even more fabulous is Lindy's Stamp Gang's September Color challenge! Check out this palette!!! It's for sure one of my faves!

To enter this month's challenge head on over to the Lindy's Stamp Gang blog <---- for all contest details but for now, here is my take on the challenge.

For an added bonus I created a full video tutorial for you 

Enjoy! and don't forget to head on over to the Lindy's Blog for all contest details!
Have a fabulous day and thanks for stopping by!

Product Details:

Prima Chalk Inks - Old Road & Black Coal
Prima flowers - Joulee Quartz #567088
Prima flowers - Baroque Blooms Plum #533243
Prima flowers - Frost Snow Drop Roses #565756
Unity Stamp Company - Imagine It
Impression Obsession stamp - Spatter
Impression Obsession Stamp - Script
Goldfinger Rub n buff - Antique Gold
Liquitex fluid ink - black
Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso

Limor Webber

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Mixed Media Kit for Sale

Hello Everyone!
Based on the incredible response from my last Gelatos kit sales and your incredible amount of emails asking for Mixed Media kits, I've put together a special kit for all you Gelato lovers!!!!
I will be creating with this kit on my next month's show so I thought if you wanted to create along with me you can!!!! If you can't make the show, no worries! All my classes are recorded and put on Youtube for you to watch at your convenience.

Kit Includes:
  1. "New" Mix & Match 50's Diner Gelatos  - Colours (Acqua Dolce, Squid Ink, Banana and Blood Orange)
  2. Textural Accents Sampler - Gesso, Gel Medium, Glaze
  3. Square Mixed Media Journal - Premium Quality Double sided Journal Board 6x6
  4. Fabulous printed images for you to play with image transfers and other fabulous techniques

Kit cost is $28 CAD - All prices below include shipping, pick the one that suits you best.  If your country is not in the option simply send me an email at and I will send you an estimate.

Kit prices include shipping
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Love Together Layout

Hello! It's Monday morning and we are all at it again!
To start our monday off on the right foot and with a little inspiration, here is a layout I created using the "NEW" Shabbylicious Collection by FabScraps.

I am absolutely in love with this collection and all the little die cuts and chipboard that is included! check these out!

Love this chipboard piece with it's coordinating die cut!!!
I of course had to add a little Lindy's Stamp Gang - Whale Watch Blue Starburst Spray as no layout is complete without a little Lindy's!
Enjoy the rest of the photos from this layout and leave me a comment! I love to know what your fave piece of this collection is!

Products Used:

FabScraps Shabby Blues C60 001
FabScraps Shabby Mix C60 004
FabScraps Shabby Chic Mix C60 008
FabScraps Chandeller DC60 015
FabScraps Together DC60 004
FabScraps Window & Shutters DC60 009
Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Spray - Whale Watch Blue
Prima Odette White - 566555
Prima Button Vine Nature Garden - 555948
Prima Screen - 564230
Ingvild Bolme Prima Chalk Inks - Old Road & Attic Dust
Impression Obsession Stamp - Script
Liquitex Modeling Pase
Beacon Zip Dry

Thanks for stopping by!!!
Limor Webber

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