Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exciting News!

It is no surprise I have been using Faber Castell Design Memory Craft products for a long while now and have become a staple in my creation and classes.
I am beyond excited to announce I am now part of the amazing Faber Castell Design Memory Craft design team family!

I have many classes and tours planned for the next year including two classes at this upcoming CHA Winter show in Anaheim.  In fact we have added additional spots to each class to accommodate the demand so her is the link to sign up if you are coming to CHA.

Here is the two time slots available

Friday January 10th 6-8pm

Monday January 13th 8-10AM

Check out the Faber Castell Design Memory Craft blog for the official announcement 

I would love to also take a quick opportunity to say thank you to all of you that have continuously supported me through this incredible journey the last few years!!! THANK YOU!!! I APPRECIATE YOU!!!
Much love,

Limor Webber


  1. Congrats. It's awesome. Johanne Lacombe

  2. Congratulations! You do such amazing things with their products, I'm not surprised!

  3. Limor...super congrats on joining the Faber Castell Design Memory Craft design team. You are certainly a very huge asset to them bringing great talent, and a sparkly personality. BRAVO...well done!

  4. How awesome Limor!!!! Congrats!! You are my gelato hero!!!! Congrats!!! I simply doesn't surprise me!!

  5. Congratulations and as Im sure many have said, Im not at all surprised and I know the future holds mmany things. You are just getting started. Look forward to all you do and thank you so much for continuing to do the shows for us out here. That is how I learn everything is from show and videos, as theres nothing anywhere close to me and Im not able to go anywhere there is. So once again, thank you and Congratulations.

  6. Congratulations Girl !!!
    Can't wait to see all your Fabulous Creations that you come up with all the time !!
    Love the way you use their super awesome stuff...from Gesso to Gelato to their Pitt pens them all !! It'll be a Delight to watch my fav. artist work with my fav. supplies !!

    WOO HOO !!!

  7. Very Cool, Limor! Congratulations! You will be a great asset to Faber Castell and we will all benefit from your awesome designs!