Friday, May 31, 2013

Live with Prima Configuration box Giveaway!

All I can say is WOW AND THANK YOU!!!!! Last night was a total blast being on my first Live with Prima show!!! you guys certainly showed your support and I am so super thankful!!!!!
Here is the project I created during the show and I promised that one of our fabulous viewers will win one of these boxes so after using our fabulous winner is 
Please send me your address so I can have this box mailed out to you!
For those of you that missed the show the recording will be up on the Prima blog very shortly and I will post it on this blog post as soon as it's up.
For now here are the photos of the project!
Have a fabulous friday!

For all product details and list check out the Live with Prima page <<------

Thank you!

Limor Webber


  1. Congratulations, Nicolle!!! Lucky girl :)

    ~ Vanessa W

  2. WHAT a super SWEET surprise!! Oh yeah, I am so excited to win a total masterpiece from and amazing artist!! You rock! xoxoxo <3

  3. Congratulations Nicolle - super prize! Julie

  4. You really did a great job. Congrats Nicolle!!

  5. I enjoy all of your shows and so excited to see you are now on Prima Live - tops for me. congratulations to Nicolle, gorgeous piece of artwork.

  6. Loved Your video, Limor!

    A question: What is the name on the powder you mixed with modeling pasta on the frame? I did not get the name :)
    Have Nice weekend!

    1. Nora, maybe you mean the Lindays magicals. They are an ink mixed with mica, but are dry.