Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Be Brave" Mixed Media Canvas

I created this canvas for a dear friend of mine who's birthday was last week.  She is an amazingly brave woman and I wanted to create something for her to keep reminding her to stay brave throughout the day.
I had a blast creating this canvas using all sorts of mediums and most importantly the amazing Iamroses products which I use in almost every single one of my projects.
I particularly loved working with the skeleton leaves for texture in my canvas, so fun!
You can find all the products used under the details section of my video.
Thank you for making your way to my blog!

Limor Webber


  1. Sooooo amazing, Limor! Love it! And I'm sure your friend will be overwhelmed by its beauty :)

  2. Limor, I just found your blog through this post on Pinterest. LOVE your work, and have been perusing many of your posts. I'm adding you to my Google Reader NOW so I don't miss anything in the future! Awesome work!!!