Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shabby Chic Cupcake Stand

I couldn't wait for November to come so that I could create this project.  It's my youngest daughter's birthday in November and I had the most amazing shabby chic theme in mind for her party.  To my disappointment she informed me that she would like a Buzz Lightyear cake!!!!! I was like WHATTTT!! do you know how excited I am to create this for you!!!! LoL!!!!!..... I should let you guys know she is 3 and most of you know that changing the mind of a 3 year old is practically impossible! sooooo, here is the cake stand anyway!
I used three different flowers from IAMROSES and all the links will be below for your convenience.
I couldn't imagine creating a project with a little Iamroses ;)



  1. This is super cute Limor! I'm sorry your little one didn't want can always send it my way! ;)

  2. This is fabulous, really pretty. It would be so helpful if you put links to the flowers you use below your video. Its hard to find these items on the I Am Roses website.