Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Little things

Sherry frame

Hi everyone Sherry here. This was one of those projects that I started on without a plan! Sometimes I find the best things come from a little spontaneity, a little bit of unplanned fun! This project came from uncommonly used colors and uncommonly used products! Sometimes we fall into a rut of the same old, same old and since I didn't start with a solid concrete plan, I thought I would pick out a few amazing products that got shoved to the back of my stash! So before we get started today I challenge all of you to dig deep, pull out some colors and a few mediums that need some love and create with me! As always I back up my background with heavy chipboard. This helps to give me a solid backing for support when I use sprays, stamping and mediums. (also great for displaying upright later)


I arranged my photos where I thought they would look nice and traced around them with a pencil. This ensures that any background texture and stamping that I do will peek out from behind the photos in the end. 

Using my lightest spray (yellow) first I sprayed a large area peeking from behind all of the photos, then I allowed this to dry completely. Then added my medium color (orange) and sprayed so the
color would peek from the right side of the photos, allow this to dry completely. Using the third and darkest color (purple) I unscrewed the lid and used the tube to create circles that would show beyond the photos, allow to dry.


Now for the beautiful IndigoBlu Limor Webber stamps! Using ‘splattered heart’ large and small, ‘splattered butterfly’ small and ‘rugged edges’ I created a ton of texture peeking out from behind the
photos and along the right side of the layout! With the ‘splattered heart’ stamps.


I used a black ink pad and stamped so the heart and splatters would stick out! Next came the ‘splattered butterfly, now I must admit this is one of my fav ways to stamp these days, I used Faber-Castell Design Memory Crafts® Stamper’s Big Brush Artist Pens to color the image. The reason I like the big brush pens for this is because they blend seamlessly together when you are using more then
one color, on a pre-prepped surface like mine! In this image I used a yellow and a pink to color the stamp, then made impressions wherever I thought they would peek out just right!


Making use of the ‘rugged edge’ stamp set, I selected the splattered border stamp! and using the same coloring technique I stamped along where the photos would be wherever i hadn't already stamped. i did this to ensure i would cover up or hide the previously stamped butterflies! i also added texture to the right side of the layout using this same stamp and technique.


Now to add a bit of shine! It’s no big surprise that I adore the Indigo Blu Flitter Glu starter kits! these are an easy way to add metallic elements to any project. so today I did so using the Limor Webber ‘ink splatter’ stamp set.


Quick ‘how to’ of the starter kit, you apply glue to the foam pad, press your stamp onto the foam and press lightly onto your surface. Sprinkle mega flakes onto glue image and rub lightly with your hand to press flakes into glue. then use black scrubby (comes in kits) and scrub the surface to reveal your image! I applied metallic images along the right side of the layout and along the edges of the where the photos would be.


I have had string gel in my mediums trolley for ages and haven’t had the opportunity to give it a go so I decided this project would be it! I gently folded some white gesso into my string gel, the reason I
point out that I gently folded it in is because if you mix a lot or too vigorously you will create air bubbles that are tough to get rid of once they’re there!

I took a scoop of the string gel on a palette knife and tilt the palette knife to allow the medium to ‘drip’ off the end. As it starts to drip and touch the layout I made a circular motion to make rings of
string gel that peek out from where the photos will be and around where they will be. allow this to dry, I prefer to allow to air dry as it bubbles easily when heat gunned!


I wanted to make sure that my photos stood out form the texture, color filled background so I put a little black gesso in on a paint palette and dragged the edges of my photos through the paint on all
four sides. Allow this to dry, before adding your photo to the layout. Using pop dots on the middle photo and tape adhesive on the top and bottom photo, I adhered my photos to the layout.


Thank you so much for checking out my toturial using a ton of fun Limor Webber Designs products! To check out more, head over to my blog.




  1. I would love to be able to do this project without spending $100 or more on supplies.

    1. im sorry i just saw this now!! its possible to do with a smaller supply list!! first off i totally endorse using stuff you have at home!!! a few sprays (these can double and be used to spray and create the circles, AND if your spray is a darker color it can also be used to stamp your image!) that right there eliminated half of the list!! and you could get away with using one of the splatter sets! for example, if you get the butterfly splatter set you can use it as a whole stamp, or cover the butterfly and just use the splatter!!
      I hope this helps