Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mixed Media Friday "moments" layout

Do you ever have an idea when you start creating and then somehow what you created was nothing like the idea you had in your head?!!! well this is kind of how mixed media friday went for me.
I really wanted to do something that was full of texture and and gunk and I think in the end it turned out just the way it was supposed to.  I know mixed media grunge isn't everyone's style but I want to try and cover everyone's styles as I receive so many requests for all different tutorials.

Here is the video tutorial, enjoy the process and all supplies are listed below for your convenience
Thanks for stopping by!!
Limor Webber



  1. Enjoyed watching this layout come to life yesterday, Limor, but had not one moment until tonight to comment! I love what you have created to surround the single, oh-so-amazing, photo. You have chosen so many elements, yet each stands alone and beautifully so! Beautifully crafted!

  2. Fun layout. I like the idea of using the napkin! I've got lots of them lying around. Thanks, Limor.