Monday, June 29, 2015

Heart This Layout by Sherry Bienert

Hey my fabulous crafty friends! Sherry here with a beautiful, color filled layout using a variety of mediums and techniques. Today I will be featuring magicals, molding paste and gesso, so dig into your stash and play along!

First here is the full layout.

Lets get started,
I recently got the Lindy's Stamp Gang, Limor Webber Designs, Industrial Chic Starburst Sprays and Magicals. I fell in love from the first spray! I started using two contrasting colors (Time Travel Teal and Bonjour Butter from the Tres Chic Collection).  I started with the Bonjour Butter spraying  in the middle of the page and  dragging the spray towards the edges as I spray. Allow to dry, then repeat these steps with the Time Travel Teal.  Drying between each color, prevents the colors from totally blending.

NOTE: I left the barcode strip on because, I like to wrap it around my chipboard backing once the spray is dry.

To create more texture (Oh, I love texture!) I used a stencil and molding paste to accentuate the area where the photo will be. Allow to dry by itself, to keep any ridges and variances in the paste.  You can use a heat gun, but sometimes this can cause the paste to puff up, and lose some of the ridges and texture in your paste.

At this point I adhered the paper to a 12x12 piece of chipboard using matte gel medium. I find that using gel medium, as opposed to tape adhesive, on the entire chipboard piece helps to prevent bubbles and buckling in the paper.  I folded the barcode strip under the chipboard and adhered it onto the back, this also helps me to keep note of the paper used, for future reference.

Next up are my most used most loved stamps, my Limor Webber Designs Rugged Edge border stamps from IndigoBlu. I adore these because they are so versatile. They can be hard and distinct or soft and subtle! Keeping in mind where my photo will be placed at the end, I made impressions of the border stamps using black ink. I wanted the images to be crisp, clean and distinct.
This was my FAVORITE part of the whole process. Once I finished I almost didn't want to cover it with anything else, I almost didn't complete this project!


One of my new fav mediums was up next. Magicals have found their way into my heart and have been a staple in a lot of my recent projects. They are so versatile and can be used in so many ways, today I will sprinkle and use water to create drips and layers!

I used a variety of magical colors (Rusty Lantern, Summer Lovin Sun, T-Bird Turquoise and Shabby Turbine Teal) to create a ton of layers, color drips and blending. I started with my lightest colors and worked my way darker. I also did a lot of layers before I was happy. Starting with that lightest color I sprinkled it onto the horizontal plane along the centre of the page, then I sprayed it with water and tilted the paper to allowed it to drip both up and down the page. Allow your page to completely dry between each layer of color. I find that as you add colors, vibrancy increases.

Now the layering and embellishments go on! I created a clear banner out of a transparency sheet to place behind my photo.  I stamped it with the Rugged Edge Stamps,  and used the same stencil as in the second step to apply molding paste. I mounted my photo using foam dots onto this banner. Triple up on the foam dots for extra depth, and allowing my photo to extend to the depth of the floral cluster.

Keeping with some simple, neutral colored flowers of soft blues and yellows, I layered a few along each side of the banner. A few of the small flowers have wire stems so I curled them around a paintbrush handle and let them stick out from the edges of the arrangement.

I applied white gesso to the flowers. This gives the flowers a similar tone, and acts as a primer for the next step.  Allow the gesso to dry.  Do not heat set this, as it could scorch the fabric on the flowers, and cause it to burn or shrink.

Sprinkle the same magical colors onto the flowers and a bit onto the molding paste on the banner. Then spray with water. Allow them to bleed and blend into each other. Again wait for them to dry. I applied a second layer of magical color to increase the vibrancy of the tones.

                              VOILA layout complete! Here are a few close ups of this little gem!

Thank you so much for stopping in and checking out my tutorial. For more inspiration and to follow along other tutorials and layouts check out my blog, facebook and instagram. Also make sure to peruse the DT inspiration blog for more tutorials and amazing inspiration!

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  1. Fantastic layout - I love all the color and texture. You really have a way with these Magicals. Thank you for the inspiring me today.

  2. That background is AMAZEBALLS! love the end result xx